Tour of Dartmoor Summer 2017

There was no time to bask in the glory of the last beautiful and exciting two gigs - it was straight back to work for us! We hardly drew breath! We had completely refreshed and updated our summer song set, so that we felt confident to take our singing further afield and to really start building our audience. We loved performing with Chris Hoban last winter and invited him back to sing with us again. We had also had a slight name change, to include our beautiful location - we evolved into Dartmoor folk Choir, The Lost Sound . We had our new poster, deigned by Pete Andrews, with the stunning professional photos by KateMount Music that we had done on a chilly day in March, on Coombestone Tor.

Royal Albert Hall, St Georges, Bristol

Photos by Judith Burrows, Rex Preston and Pete Andrews January to March were heads down, for the choir, learning new songs for our summer season AND new arrangements, written especially for us, by Chris Hoban, for supporting Show of Hands' 25th anniversary concerts. We were booked for 2 gigs, St Georges, Bristol on April 13th and then Royal Albert Hall on April 16th. These were both the biggest events we had done. At the RAH we were singing to 5000 fans! We had to plan our rehearsal schedule very carefully! Three weeks after RAH, we had the first gig of our mini Dartmoor tour - with a lot of new songs- so both sets had to be ready at the same time. The choir pulled out every stop they had

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