Autumn term - New singers and Show Of Hands Sanctuary Tour!

We had auditioned in July for new voices and we were really chuffed to have found 2 new basses to balance our expanding choir! One came from Buckfastleigh, the other travels in from Pewsy in Wiltshire, every week! How is that for dedication! We have been incredibly lucky with this intake - it really has been superb. They have worked SO hard to learn the set and the vocal techniques to blend into our sound. It was an exciting moment to hear us all together for the first time - I think we all had tingles when we heard the result - it was big, yes, but still recognisable our sound! They were the lift we needed, too. Doing so many gigs as a small choir, is very demanding on our singers - they a

Sidmouth Folk Festival, a personal dream!

After the excitement of the Royal Albert Hall - and getting credits in the press reviews as well, we approached our wonderful and local, Sidmouth Folk Week, to see if we can get a slot there! We have tried before to get into these big festivals and it is hard work! I think that Show Of Hands helped us a lot, as they are patrons of the festival! So we had a lovely email back saying, ' YES! We will find you a space!' We quickly booked in Chris Hoban, as our guest, as we are journeying together and we'd had such a great time during the summer tour with him! We got to work on perfecting our short set of 40 mins, choosing our best songs. Singers cancelled their holidays to be at rehearsals, famil

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