Next Concert Dates
Whilst we have no concerts, do check out our MEDIA page for our Homegrown Harmony videos and our lovely animation - lots of songs for you to enjoy.
With the news of the changes in Lockdown rules, we are waiting with bated breath and scores at the ready, to start singing again. We've done a lot of our learning via Zoom, so if we can, we will get a concert together as soon as we are ready.
We've got new songs, new singers and a renewed thrill of singing! 

Please feel free to download our posters and put it in your window or send to friends! We appreciate any help you can give us, to spread the word of our singing!

We do 6-8 gigs per season, covering Devon and Cornwall.
We have sung at:

  • St Ives September Festival 2019 - 3 shows in one day, including support for SOH.

  • Sidmouth Folk week 2018 - Manor Pavilion Theatre

  • Wyvern Barracks 3 night run with Show of Hands and full Rifles Regiment bands July 2018

  • Party In the Town Totnes June 2018

  • The Blue Light Charity concert Exeter Cathedral Dec 2017

  • Show of Hands 3 dates on SANCTUARY TOUR Nov 2017

  • Own concert at Sidmouth Folk week August 2017 + SOH support in Ham Marquee

  • Show of Hands guests/support at the 25th anniversary concert at the Royal Albert Hall April 2017

  • St Georges Bristol, Show of Hands support April 2017

  • Show of Hands support for Centenary concert + on Live Album 2016

  • Exmouth festival 2012 /2016

  • Totnes Xmas Market 2013/2016

  • Torbay Festival of Song 2015/2016

  • Glas-Denbury festival 2015

  • The Folk House Bristol 2015

  • Fanzone  Rugby World cup 2015

  • The Brandenburg concert Series London 2015

  • Dawlish Mayor's charity Concert 2014/2015

  • Show of Hands Exmouth Pavilions 2015

  • Steve Knightley support 2014 Solo tour

  • Dart music festival 2012/2013

  • Night of 1000 voices – Exeter Cathedral 2012/2013

  • Supporting Charlie Dore UK tour 2013

  • Many charity concerts 

  • Street events for local councils 



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