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We were incredibly excited to be approched by the DEVON LIFE team asking to do a feature on us. The Dep Editor, Owen Jones and journalist, Catherine Courtenay came to see us sing at Topsham, last summer. They clearly enjoyed the show and Catherine returned to see our Winter show in Crediton. She spoke to Sandra afterwards and aimed to get us in the April edition. What an honour for us! Hope you enjoy the read - we think Catherine has done a fabulous job!

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Dartmoor Magazine


3 shows at St Ives Festival!

We are utterly delighted to be supporting SHOW OF HANDS again in the evening and we have 2 performance in the day. The Tate gallery and the Church at Norway Square straight after the busking session - there's too many of us to join in that!

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Fatea Showcase Album Spring 2019


It was very exciting to be included in this showcase album, run by online Folk Magazine, FATEA. Neil King who also runs Blues and Roots Radio, played our single and invited us to submit a track. It is another of those milestone moments and we seem to be enjoying a few of these, this year. 

Recent news/ Reviews

Read this great feature in Grow Magazine, Exeter about Wyvern 18

Wyvern 18 Behind the Red Brick Wall

Press release by Bowater communications

Wyvern Barracks opens its gates to the public for the first time

Exeter's Wyvern Barracks, home of the reservist battalion 6 Rifles, is opening its imposing metal gates to the public this summer, in the first event of its kind at the site.

The military base is staging three evenings of open-air concerts and displays which, in the words of its Commanding Officer, are designed to show people what's behind the ‘big red-brick wall' and engage with the community.

Wyvern Barracks is located on a busy road into Exeter city centre. Thousands of people walk or drive past its high, featureless brick wall every day, yet the vast majority of the local community have never been inside the base and have little or no awareness of its work, or its important role in today's military service.

This sense of separation is what was on the mind of the Commanding Officer of 6 Rifles, Lt Col Jon Penhale, when he came up with the idea of the events taking place on July 5th, 6th and 7th.

Award winning and family run business
Heart and Soul Funerals sponsor The Lost Sound

Heart and Soul funerals joining us in a celebratory rehearsal!

Due to their generosity and support, they have enabled us to buy a lighting rig. This is a crucial piece of expensive equipment. Over the last 10 years, lighting a gig, has been the biggest of headaches!
We are extremely grateful to Heart and Soul and will be happily singing in bright light from May 4th 2018

The choir is delighted to welcome Heart and Soul funerals into our family! They approached us just at the point where we needed help! It's wonderful when synchronicity is at work. It may seem like an unusual choice of partnership, but over the 10 years of our choir life, we have lost many of our nearest and dearest. Loss, has been very much a part of our singing journey, from the very first term we sang together, to this one. Our MD Sandra, who is a singing teacher, has known and taught Simon, Jane and daughter Hannah, from Heart and Soul, so there is a strong music and singing link between them, already. They are also respected, engaged and active in our local community, which really appeals to us! 

We invited Simon and Jane to come into rehearsal, to meet the choir and see and hear how we work. Bless them - they stayed to the end - nearly 2 hours of singing! We can't thank them enough for their help and support and we also look forward to collaborating on new adventures and concerts

They sent this to us after the rehearsal - it is so beautifully worded:

The Lost Sound and Heart & Soul Funerals


Beautiful choral music speaks to the soul. Whether you are religious or spiritual or not, it evokes the sacred. At your rehearsal tonight the sense of joy was palpable, and it seemed as though everyone felt inspired.

Our work around death also gives much opportunity for the sacred to be present. Beauty lifts people out of the depths to see a bigger picture, to feel inspired, the beauty of flowers, words and music. Music particularly brings out emotion, creates a sense of poignancy, lifts our spirits, gives a sense of hope.

We at Heart & Soul Funerals are thrilled to be the first sponsors of The Lost Sound. We feel a connection with you beyond any financial commitment. We look forward to a long association, to a creative collaboration. So thank you for that opportunity.

We're thrilled to be included in this wonderful calendar for 2018. All the photo were taken backstage by Rex Preston at the Royal Albert Hall concert in April 2017    

Rex is usually known for his superb mandolin playing - but you will see he is an excellent photographer, too!

Review from Music For A London Life

April 2017

Review from The Guardian

April 2017


Joined by Devon’s 30-strong The Lost Sound, these moving songs were driven with even more power, thanks to the beautiful swell of voices

Peter Shaw FRUK.

The Herald Express Jan 2017

Winter 2017 Our BIG news! We are supporting Show of Hands in the Royal Albert Hall, Easter 2017 for their 25th anniversary concert

Autumn 2016

We are on the LIVE
Show Of Hands Album!

After an amazing and moving concert, in Exeter Cathedral, to a packed house, we are thrilled to be part of both the BBC broadcast and the Live album.

JULY 2016 -  Closing Ceremony of the 19240 Somme project
It was fantastic to see the effect of this inspired project hit the headlines and be featured on national and local news  See the report :

Dartmoor Magazine - Winter 2015/2016

We were delighted to be included in an article about choirs on Dartmoor with a lovely photo of us on page 2. There is so much happening on the moor there's no excuse not to join in!


The Old Lych Way

During September we were shooting our first film, out on Dartmoor. We recreated the walk from 'The Old Lych Way'. We were so inspired by the song that Chris Hoban wrote, that Keith (Bass) decided to make a film about it. Our version of a pop video! Catch up on how we're doing by following The Old Lych Way on Facebook. We will be recording it soon and we'll put the lyrics up on the FB page too.
Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones aka The Black Farmer has been tremendously supportive in getting this project off the ground. Huge thanks to him for getting the energy of the project a starting boost. It really made a difference. Thank-you!

Big thanks due to the Western Morning News and Mid Devon Advertiser for covering our debut into the London choir scene in November. We are singing at St Giles-in-the-field on Nov 14th 7:30pm

This is such an exciting opportunity for us and we are going to be fundraising like mad to get us all up to the smoke! 

Western Morning News


June 2015


March 7th

Our director, Sandra Smith, was interviewed for a piece in the Weekend Plymouth Herald about 'how to boost your brain power'

By Emily Smith (no relation!)

March 14th

Sandra Smith, being interviewed by Michael Chequer on Radio Devon about our HITS Charity fundraiser concert. 

We are thrilled to be included in
The Western Morning News article on choirs in Devon and Cornwall

By Keith Rossiter Feb 1st 2015



Our Director, Sandra, was also invited to write a light-hearted piece called 'If I ruled the World'