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Newton Abbot concert March 14th Charity fundraiser for HITS

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All the local mayors and dignitaries were there! Photo by David Caunter

Welcome to our very first blogette! For those of you that don't do Facebook, we thought you might like to keep up on the chat too! We will aim to post as many photos etc of the choir as we can, so you can see what we are up to. Do keep in touch and let us know how you enjoyed our concerts or if you need more information about us.

We have just taken on another three new singers and we are getting two of our old ones back from their other projects - so come the summer term, we will be growing even bigger. There are so many exciting projects in the offing at the moment it feels like an important time for the choir.

We were on Michael Chequers Radio Devon programme on March 14th, talking about our concert and he played and loved our newly recorded version of Stormy Weather! Likewise we were played 2 weeks running on #Torbayhour radio just because they loved it! Hearing yourself through the airways is quite something! The support we are getting through twitter is fantastic. Both local #hours, #Torbayhour and #OurNewtonabbot have moved mountains to advertise our concerts and promote us and HITS. So big thanks are due to both of them.

The concert

We had a fantastic audience that night - they really got behind all our madness! A standing ovation after a huge Gospel song made us very happy. The chair of Devon County Council apparently thinks we're 'Bonkers and Brilliant!' Cant say fairer than that!

We do like to have fun during a concert - the singing is very serious but around that the intros got everyone laughing! Well done to our inhouse MC Krys Verebujnowski (Bari)

We raised over £700 for HITS in Teignbridge and also, because of all the publicity, gained them some more volunteers. All in all a successful night of singing!

Watch out for our Bristol debut with The Great Sea Choir, May 17th at THE FOLK HOUSE. For us this is one of the best venues to be going to. We are very excited to be singing there.

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