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Meet the singers

We have so many talented singers in the choir and we like to make the most of them! We have had two intakes this year. We started with a big intake of 8 new singers in the autumn after our hugely enjoyable open evening in the summer. Phew! That was SO much fun - I'm surprised the foundations of the hall are still in one piece! We started training the newbies in September, as we launched into our first gigs of the new term. They really learnt on the hop! In March we also took on two new basses and a new alto/female tenor. (Watch out for our next open evening on Tuesday July 14th 2015 8pm)

When singers first join up, they are usually swamped with songs to learn. We have at least 16 songs per programme. It can be a bit daunting, but we don't expect new singers to learn them all at once!

We start them off easily - choosing songs that are fun to join in on and they can gradually introduce themselves to the harder ones once they get into the swing of things. That is why you will see singers coming on and off stage during a concert.

This season we have some fabulous soloists.

Annabelle is taking the lead in KT Tunstall’s ‘Black Horse and the Cherry Tree’ She's been with the chorus about 5/6 years and often was our only female tenor, so has been worked very hard on all songs! She is a little relieved to have other tenors, Sue and Chris, for morale support now!

AVA (18).JPG

Photo by Ava Images Newton Abbot

Andrew is back from his choir sabbatical and we're thrilled that he is returning to the front line for his solo in 'Dulaman' by Michael McGlynn. Andrew has been with us about 3 years and it's great to have his humour in the chorus again! If there is any unruly behaviour in the room during rehearsal, Andrew is in the thick of it!

We can't decide which is the naughtiest section, Tenors or Basses - nope - definitely Tenors have taken the crown!


Photo By Tim Watkins

Derek has been with us from the very first session - this man has staying power! (Although occasionally we do lose him to the odd golf session or a holiday!)

When he joined us, he chose to sing Tenor, as that was what he sang in his previous choir. Suddenly one rehearsal – this amazing sound came through and we couldn’t work out where it was coming from – turned out it was Derek singing in his Bass range! He moved sections!! Now, after all these years, Derek gets a solo! This is him, for the first time, singing in the Folk House, Bristol.


Photo by Camilla Adams

We havent managed to get any good perfromance shots of the 2 Johns ( holders of the 'bromance' award within the choir!) and Helen, so these are informal photos form our rehearsal session. Along with Derek, they take the verse solos in Parting Glass (when Mr. Steve Knightley isnt doing it!). Annabelle Knowles and Sandra Smith arranged this version especially for Steve in our Grow your Own Gig support in Sept 2015.



Helen and John F joined at the same time and are long-standing friends from Plymouth. Helen sings soprano and is brave enough to go for the top Bb when we need her to! Others in the ranks go suspiciously quiet and let her do it on her own! The sopranos are the good section - they don't get naughty unlike.........

....the basses! Here is John W. John joined us many moons ago when he saw us sing at Quest 2011. He is a really solid singer and is happy to move into Bari section when we need more parts! His emotional singing on Parting Glass can be quite teraful sometimes as it is so heatfelt.! Get your hankies ready!

Meet John F the other part of the 2 John Bromance! John sings bass too and IS one of the naughty ones! All good though, as he has a great sense of comic timing and a mischievous humour! He adds the depth of sound to the section - when you hear the boom - that's John F!!


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