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Bristol folk house May 2015

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Two mini buses packed with singers, rostra, keyboard and costumes galore, set off from Newton Abbot at 3pm. Drivers Robin and Pete (Tenors) drove brilliantly and got us there in one piece! We were all a little quiet on the way up - not wanting to tire ourselves out before singing - the buses had a lovely gentle hum of conversation all the way up! Not quiet so gentle on the way home - one very rousing chorus of 'Stop the bus we want a wee wee' brought us very rapidly off the motorway! We also got a little lost on the way ouot of Bristol so we were the last ones home!



The mini-buses had a top speed of 62 miles an hour so we were really whizzing along the motorway! Anyway we eventually got there and found the folk house tucked up a little alleyway.

Getting all our stuff in, warming up, checking in with the lovely The Great Sea Choir and director Heg Brignall, seemed to all fly past. We were relieved that all the publicity had worked and we had a great audience. Warm, welcoming and responsive - the best kind! Our director got to meet up with old college friends from 35 years ago and 3 former students from Devon who are in The Great Sea choir! Lots of our chorus' family and friends were there too - some travelling up from Devon to support us - BIG THANKS TO YOU ALL!

The concert felt beautifully contrasted – both folk choirs –with very different perspectives within the genre. It was brilliant to see this young choir perform – they have a really novel, rhythmic set, quite different from anything that we have heard. If you love choirs -we would really recommend you see them.

There wasn’t much time to hang around after the gig as we had to pack up and go and it’s always lovely to mingle with the other choir after singing, so it felt a little ‘Hi & Bye’ We hope that we can have you guys down to Devon next year - for longer! (Already getting ideas about that!!) Heg from the Great Sea Choir, had done most of the publicity and bookings for this concert, as she lives in Bristol and we are very grateful to her for all her work. We did what we could from a distance, tweeting like mad - but it did fall on her shoulders. Thank-you Heg, you did an amazing job!

Thank-you too, to Camilla Adams for the photos.We are really pleased that the photos are the banner for the commuity choirs page on the www.torbayfestivalofsong.com page


No More - trad. All male ensemble Tom, Keith, Derek, John F


Alice, Keith, Amanda


Robin, Andrew

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