• Sandra Smith

Harmony for fifty


What a truly wonderful night we had as our finale to the best year yet, for our chorus. There were 50 of us singing together on our open evening – filling the hall with sound. We had people who hadn’t sung before and many singers from other choirs who came to experience our sound. It was great to have their voices joining us. We had people who had heard us in concert and just wanted to come along and have fun, some want to try us out with a view to auditioning, some came just to get back into having a sing. All are welcome! We mean these evenings as a thank-you for supporting us throughout the year and to have a good time whilst getting to know you better.

We like to make our guests feel welcome, so the choir excelled themselves and did a MASS bake in! We’ve never seen so much cake! It’s surprising anyone could sing after that feast! It’s a lovely way to break the ice – gathering around the cakes and choosing what you want, naturally starts up conversation. We know it can be quite daunting coming into a room of 30 people who know eachother well – so we make sure that you’re looked after properly. We want you do have a fun time with us and make new friends.

So we took everyone through our normal warm-up and into some vocal exercise to get the singers locked in and working together and then got into learning some songs from our set. That put some life into it! The balance of the choir really shifted. Usually the men can dominate the women in volume if they don’t watch out. This night, we had a lot more women, 15 extra strong voices in the ranks and it completely changed the sound. The women completely opened up! I think the guys really loved being able to let go a bit more!

Judging by the response from people who came – mainly through our Facebook page – they had a great time. One Tenor, who was ever so slightly ‘dragged’ along by his partner, conceded that he felt disappointed when we said we did them once a year. He wants to come back at Christmas too! So watch this space – the open evenings might be much more often!

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