• Sandra Smith

Mayor Of Dawlish Charity Concert -a grand finale!

Part 3 of Autumn/Winter term 2015

To end this incredible term, we came back to Dawlish to meet up again with our dear choir buddies, 'The High Cs'. What a nutty lot they are! Last February we came to Dawlish for the first time, to raise money for one of our favourite charities, 'The Helen Foundation.' We were sharing a concert with this high spirited community choir, run by the enormously likeable, Ian Davies. There is no logical reason why we should have clicked in the way we did, but we really had a fun time with them! They are happy, friendly, warm and generous and we all got on like a house on fire - so much so, that Ian and Sandra started plotting to do another concert together straight away! We had a full house back in February, despite it being bitterly cold weather and we both went down like a storm, to a really 'up for it' audience.

The new Mayor of Dawlish, Howard Almond, saw us and liked us and started turning up at our other gigs too - how lovely! It didnt take us all long to get our heads together and find a way to get us back to Dawlish and raise another £800 for The Helen Foundation! This time the tickets sold out really fast - it seemed that people had heard about the last one! No room on the ground floor so both choirs sat up in the balcony (with their friends who had left it very late to secure a ticket!!!) Again it was a beautiful evening of really different choirs singing their hearts out. Maybe that's our common denominator. For us, it was a wonderful way to end the term - amongst friends and family. Here's a photo of 'The High Cs' in elf and Xmas outfits!

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