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Summer Festivals 2016

January 2016 saw us taking on a lot of new singers, so we spent a whole term teaching them songs and training them up for the summer festival season. It is sometimes good to have a 'rest' term for a choir, with no performances. We had had such a triumphant and wonderful year in 2015 and we had worked SO hard that we all felt that we needed time to re -coup, work on our technique and gather some new songs into the set. By May we were ready to get back on that stage!

Our first concert was in Lydford, on Dartmoor, to launch the film that we starred and sang in, made by Argand films. The hall had a tiny stage, so we squashed ourselves onto the floor space! The Lydford community came out in force and we could have had a full house 3x over! The film went down very well - so well, that the community have decided to re instate a tradition! We got a lovely letter from the vicar after the concert

" It probably seems like a while ago for you, that you were with us in Lydford for your fantastic performance and showing of the Lych Way film. We are still talking about it and it has generated a lot of interest, in both the Lych Way and the Lost Sound Chorus, so much so, that we are planning to revive the Lych Way walk that was held on a regular basis by Dartmoor Search and Rescue, up until a few years ago. Inspired by your film, we will be holding it on St. Petrocs day, Sunday 4th June 2017. The day will culminate with cream teas, pasties, cider etc. and a traditional service of sung evensong in the church. Although no longer compelled by law to attend we hope to persuade as many as possible to join us voluntarily. The Bishop of Plymouth, the Rt. Revd. Nick McKinell will be doing the walk and officiating at the evensong."

It is amazing to change a community through our singing and projects!

3 weeks later we had a great set ready for Exmouth festival on the Bank Holiday. It was a boiling hot day, right on the edge of the estuary and seashore. Warming-up, we had our toes in the sand! The festival was lovely, a real family affair, with a great sound crew who looked after us very well. We drew a good crowd, as we were the first act of the day and we made a great impression and had wonderful feedback! It was wonderful just to hang out afterwards and watch the other acts.

Warming up - stunning scenery and glorious weather

The stage and sound technicians were wonderful and they really looked after us.

Our next performance was at Exeter Respect Festival in June. We've never sung there before and were really looking forward to it. Again a wealth of talent showing all day long in the different marquees. We were in the community tent and we decided to skip off the stage and get up close and personal to our audience, so we could connect more directly. Again, we had wonderful feedback, with tears from the audience at our Grey Funnel Line arrangement (a new song). A male choir singer saw us and said we had the best male line up that he'd heard. We went home chuffed! See our videos on the media page

Our thanks to Kat Black for filming us.

Ros and Anne

It was quite a noisy background for the singers to concentrate in - but they did really well to hold pitch and hear their notes in their heads! Very hard with a boom bass chanting behind you!

A good way to tell if you've gone down well is when the crew are grinning from ear to ear and clapping! We like seeing that!

Festivals are great fun to sing at. You get to meet so many other performers and there is a generosity of spirit between everyone working there. The volunteers at the festival were fantastic - friendly and helpful.

We're all gathering waiting to go on!

After this gig we were into serious mode - getting ready for July 1st and the honour of supporting Show Of Hands at Exeter Cathedral as we commemorated the fallen in 19240 Battle of the Somme project. More to come.

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