• Sandra Smith

Winter 2016

After such a busy summer, we had a comparatively easy start to the Autumn/Winter term. We had a lovely gig in October with our choir friends, Yours In Harmony, a female Barbershop chorus, as part of a Torbay Festival. They are a great group of women and it was pertinent to see their stagecraft and presentation as well as their singing. It somewhat highlighted our need to smarten ourselves up! Oops! Nothing like seeing a well presented choir to illustrate the opposite! It was a great night of singing and a supportive and warm hearted audience.

There was brilliant and exciting news in October too, as we found out that the Battle of the Somme concert was being made into a live album and we were featured on it! We got our copies at Xmas - best present ever!

Great to have a comment from SHOW of HANDS!

After that we were straight into our new winter set. Brand new chilly songs and carols from Europe and beyond. It is a beautiful set of songs and really challenged our singing - which is what we like - every opportunity to improve. We had a big concert planned in Buckfaslteigh Town Hall with special guest Chris Hoban, in November and 2 street performances at Totnes Xmas Market and Buckfastleigh Market.

Green Room selfie by Sara Lacey

Full house in Buckfastleigh

We sold out in Buckfastleigh and Chris Hoban went down a storm. The support we got from the Town Council was fantastic - they helped us all the way - even down to getting lights fixed etc. We did smarten ourselves up for this one and actually looked quite presentable! Lesson learnt! Frankie decorated the hall and stage behind us and the whole evening felt amazing and created and wonderful atmosphere - despite the freezing conditions outside!

Frankie decorated

Next it was onto Totnes ,where we sang and found ourselves as the soundtrack on the video of the market by SouthHams News! We flash mobbed the Totnes Brewing Company too, who are on #Torbayhour on twitter, so we got streamed across Twitter too! There was such a good atmosphere around the town and great fun, if hard to sing outside, there! Lovely to have such positive feedback from the organisers and we drew a great crowd.

Warming up in the Fire Station before the Totnes Market gig!

Last was Buckfastleigh market - and again, great support from local people who hadn't ever heard us before but stayed to listen.

Rain held off till we finished!

It wasn't the easiest of singouts either, as the cold and flu had hit the choir and we were loosing voices rapidly. No voice at all with some of them! We were lucky to be still standing. Overnight we had lost singers from every section! We were about to go into the New Year, streaming with the worst flu and colds any of us had had!

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