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2018 - New Singers, New Songs, New Look!

With our new singers firmly imbedded into our choir for the Xmas concerts, we were very sad to lose our 2 new basses. One found his love for classical music and Bach just wasn't satisfied with folk singing (fair enough!) and the other realised traveling down from Wiltshire every week was not sustainable indefinitely. So we were down to 5 basses again, which makes things quite precarious on gigs, if one is away! We started searching through all kinds of avenues and suddenly, we attracted 4 new basses! We were bowled over with our luck! Where had they all been hiding....and why did they wait so long! They have turned out to be TOTALLY brilliant, hardworking and have fitted in really easily. What a sound 9 basses make!

So we started our term with our new basses and a lovely new alto, who used to sing in a Georgian choir in Bristol. 5 weeks in to term a new Tenor turned up - Huzzah! The balance within the choir is now incredible - everyone is having a good hearty sing without holding back!

So with new songs waiting to get into the set, everyone is working really hard ready for the launch at the new, community owned, Ashburton Arts centre. We've been trying to figure out a 'look' for the choir for literally years. Frankie Pollak, one of our sopranos, who is a designer/artist offered to give some thought to the whole visual of the choir, from posters to website to costumes. She is an incredible and sensitive designer and her concept of what would work, took many of us by surprise. In many ways she had to explain how she saw things to us plebeians and talk us through her vision. Frankie and I (I did as I was told and followed directions!!!) scoured online sites for clothing that would work for both men and women, and all our different sizes, heights and personalities. Suddenly, we were lucky enough to find Kit and Kaboodal . They were amazing with us. The service, help and support of our ideas was first class. We had to over order many garments to check style colours and if our singers felt comfortable in the clothes (and boy...did they!) So had to keep re ordering and sending things back. K&K were on the end of the phone every time and together we got it right. They even helped us with a hefty discount, too. Frankie then based the mens shirts around the women garments and we suddenly had a look. And we love it.

The 1st BIG order from Kit and Kaboodal arrives!

DO check out their clothes - tell them you came via us!

At the first concert we got so many compliments on how we looked - it has really pulled the choir together.

Our first photo shoot in our new costumes, was also fixed up by Frankie and she asked Kate Isherwood, to be our photographer. She did an amazing job with us - shaping us and catching us in a moment of silence. Looking at the photo, there is something ancient in the quality of it. (see HOME page)

We went to Hillstead farm in Ugborough and decided to celebrate after the shoot with a gin party. Gloria, the horse box bar lives at the farm and is the brainwave of Shelley Oakenham and we had a pretty happy finale!

You can hire Gloria and have any kind of party you fancy! Prosecco? Fancy wine? Rum? Great for weddings, festivals and even funerals, for a stylish send off! The farm also does weddings and camping too - wonderful place and fabulous people! The views are just gorgeous.

The support and help and total luck we have had this term has been incredible - a huge thank-you do everyone who has added to our experience and made our venture easier and happier.

Onwards into the concerts!!!

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