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Sell out concerts summer 2018

What a summer season it has been! I don't think we knew we could work any harder, but we added recording our single, to 8 concert dates! Such is the life of a choir!

It's always a rush to get that first concert up and ready. Getting the new songs learnt and new singers comfortable with the old set, too, always takes more time than you think.

Our first concert was a fundraiser for the very new, community owned, Ashburton arts centre. This was the old Methodist church, a truly unique and wonderful building, that served the town well, for many years. It is huge and was costly to run and eventually became too much for the church community, to repair. With two big churches in neighbouring towns, one of then had to go. Ashburton has gained enormously from owning this centre. It houses a choir beautifully and the acoustics are perfect. A week before the concert we sold out all the tickets in the main hall and people still wanted to come. We dusted off the unused balcony and sold those seats, too! We were turning people away on the door, on the actual night and we were packed to the rafters with a fantastic and enthusiastic crowd. What an atmosphere! It was a real privilege to sing that night and made all the work seem like nothing!

It was the first time out for our new costumes and our new lighting rig, bought for us by our sponsors, Heart and Soul Funerals, (they are amazing, kind and genuine people and run a contemporary and forward thinking business. check them out!)

Photos by Andrew Lester and Mark Burley

We then were meeting up with our old London concert friends, Gaudeamus chamber choir, from Leigh on Sea, in Essex. We first met them in 2015, when we shared a concert at the Brandenburg choral festival, in the heart of Leicester Square. We had 60 singers sharing a dressing room the size of a small lounge and we got on like a house on fire! It was fabulous to see them again, on their mini Devon tour. There were quite a few goosebumps when all 65 singers sang together again at St Mary's in Totnes. What a magic moment!

In rehearsal with Gaudeamus chamber choir

A week later, we were back in the same church for Party in the Town (PITT). We had a quick 40 mins set as part of a mammoth day of events. That was crazy! The church was heaving when we came in - people standing in the aisles and doorways and, looking out into the audience, we saw so many of our previous singers. It was so touching that they had come to see us and so great to see them there. It really was one big reunion!

If anyone has any photos form the night - let us know!

So that was 3 gigs down - 5 to go!

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