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Sidmouth Folk Festival 2018

Our final concert of our summer season and we were ready to perform our socks off!

It was really exciting to be given a performance slot in the sponsors marquee on the Saturday morning to kick off the festival - what a joy to sing there! The entrance where we sang was heaving with people who love the festival and support it, in so many ways. We arrived early and warmed-up outside - which got a lot of attention in itself! It's a bit weird being watched, whilst you make bbbbrrrr noises!

Not my best look - but it was goosebump singing and so amazing hearing the choir - we had a blast! We got great feedback too!

We busked outside to raise funds for the festival, too! You have to get permission to busk, so we were happy to be put on the Ham marquee line!

We were really pleased to be upgraded into the Manor Pavilion theatre this year - what a little gem this theatre is! It's a 250 seater in the heart of the community and perfect for us. We were so lucky in the timing of our gig, as we didn't have any big acts competing against us and we got pretty much all the seats filled - what a relief that is! We were told we had unusually high pre-sales for an afternoon gig!

We had a substantial warm-up time, which was great and really lovely technicians who couldn't have been sweeter with us. It's quite important that we get the feel of the place we are singing in and our warm-ups can last a good 40 minutes!

Chris Hoban was our support and the audience were very nicely warmed up by him, before we went on! It all seemed to go past in a flash, but we did get great feedback that people were so moved, they were crying in the toilets in the interval! We hope that is a good thing!

Unfortunately, we didn't get any photos of us in performance which is a real shame.

We did go to the beach after, though!! Sidmouth, by the sea, with music and dancing - what's not to love!

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