• Sandra Smith

Lockdown the end is near!

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Being in lockdown through winter is not the easiest of things for any of us to do - thank goodness we have our choir - it helps keep us sane! Those halcyon days of our Homegrown Harmony project, of singing outdoors in the sun, seem a lifetime ago. But, you know, choirs are great at keeping each other going, even in the tough times and the support between our singers has been wonderful - with WhatsApp frequently alight with messages for anyone needing some TLC.

Despite all the disadvantages of running a choir on Zoom, surprisingly, there are some advantages! We have used the time to rattle through all our songs, at a magnificent speed, for a hopeful return to singing together, sometime this summer. With 19 songs in the set, we always spend a long time getting the notes learnt - especially as some of our songs can be 15 pages long!

We've had babies join us, no amount animals and we even had an unintentional streaker on one session! It's never dull!

Given that we would choose to rehearse outside, at the moment, it has saved us freezing to death in the most inclement conditions this winter - if is hasn't been freezing, it's been raining! The luxury of being snuggled up at home rehearsing, has not gone unnoticed! We've been working as hard as we do normally with a goal of being ready to sing, as soon as we can. We have considered a multitude of different scenarios, for when we can get together safely. We've split the choir into Male and Female and now run on 2 nights of the week, with each group splitting again, into their respective sections. Our new assistant director, Annabelle, is worth her weight in gold and has been bashing out notes for the past 6 weeks! Our choir manager Ros, has been recording, editing, advising on Covid and keeping us all on track. We have a dream team to get us through this time!

We have been delighted that we have recruited another 2 singers - we have a new soprano, Julia and a new bass/bari Mark - both lovely singers and also brave ones to join us on zoom! We're all looking forward to hearing them in our mix and introducing them to you!

As soon as we are allowed out to play - we will start to plan when and where we can sing for you. Till then...thank-you for staying with us, it means a lot and it's what keeps us going!

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