• Sandra Smith

Spot us singing!

If you find us singing, let us know via social media - we've never been so public in our rehearsals! We are having a brilliant time - it's great fun and we have found some excellent songs to sing. All the songs are taking shape, with singers coming off copy this week. Five singers are doing solos, as they can't meet in groups at the moment.

The news that Simon and Jane from Heart and Soul funerals have sponsored this project, is cheering us all up and cheering us on in equal measures! We are incredibly fortunate to have this level of support at all times and especially now. This morning we had a coaching session with Frankie (Sop) and sister Alice (Alto) working on their song by Zoom - quite a hard medieval duet to tackle - and we really got some work done in this session.

Today is a Monday and there are 4 different rehearsals taking place in areas around South Devon. Singers are working on their own and with me every fortnight. It is a massive undertaking for them and a huge challenge to bring their songs together. Rehearsal are happening every night of the week and tutorials for the soloists via Zoom

It's getting colder now and a storm flew in over the weekend, but we are intrepid singers and will keep on singing! Keep your eyes and ears open for our Travellers team in Plymouth! It's also getting darker earlier, so singers are rushing back from work to get an hour of daylight!

Our Red Hot team have run indoors and found a Kitchen showroom in Exeter to sing in! Thank goodness we have friends and singers who work in fabulous places!

Here are our Miners Team working hard in a warehouse off the A38! Our new singers Ed, has fitted in really well and the song is great to sing.

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