• Sandra Smith

The Launch!

So we've kicked off in style with our Homegrown Harmony project! What a response we had - donations were flying in, even from the trailer. We raised enough money to buy a weeks worth of packed lunches for TQ11 kids (plus Scoriton and Holne) and there is enough to prepare for Christmas holidays, too.

We have been amazed at the amount of people joining us on all our social media, too and commenting on our songs and singing - all our sites have increased in numbers and we are thrilled to have reached so many new people. Thank-you for joining us! People are sharing our songs to their own pages and to their other groups and we are so excited that our singing is hitting the right spot! If you're not on social media but want to tell people about us - just copy the web address into an email and let them know about us! Or sign up for one of our newsletter emails.

Every song is for a different charity or good cause. We realised that, although the sums raised may be smallish, every grass roots charity has had problems raising money through this pandemic. They can't run coffee mornings or groups or clubs, but often they have been more stretched than ever looking after their communities. Our donations and our exposure of their charities will help them and let others know they are there and still working with vulnerable people.

We are working on new songs and if we're lucky, we might be able to get them recorded before Christmas - so keep in touch with us - its a song a week till the big day - hope you enjoy them as much as we've enjoyed singing them!

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