• Sandra Smith

We're singing together again!

From April, we've been meeting in person. Firstly in small ensembles again, due to Gov't guidelines and then from May, as a full choir! Holy Moly, that feels good!

Singing outside is much harder work and we've been getting used to it and getting our voices resilient and stronger. Despite the background noises from the River Dart and cars, we are able to make a good sound again. It has been a wonderful setting to sing in!

We are enormously grateful for our sponsors, Heart and Soul Funerals for making the forecourt of their Riverstone offices available to us - and of course their toilet! You have no idea how hard it is to find a place with toilet and parking outside, in lockdown! Who knew!! Without their ongoing support we would have found things very difficult - so a huge thank-you to Simon and Jane for being such thoughtful, generous people.

You wouldn't believe that it hasn't done more than drizzle on us, on a Tuesday night since April! We must be the luckiest singers ever! It could have been pouring all day - but for 2 hours on a Tuesday night we get a dry space to sing in - someone up there is looking after us!

We were quite surprised to find both our singing and physical stamina was way down from what we are used to. It took us a few weeks to get used to singing and fully engaging with our songs as a group again and being utterly pooped after! We sang through what used to be our opening number - the number that headed up 2x45 mins sets and we were shattered and out of breath! We used to breeze that! Big learning curve there - for all of us!

We've been working on our songs, old favourites and some lovely new ones, different harmony exercises and general vocal training to build up our sound again and be able sing robustly, but still unified outside. It's much harder to hear each other so we have to get inventive in how to solve those issues and still keep a distance.

We do, however, have a wonderful opportunity in August.....so keep checking in, so we can let you know about it as soon as we are allowed to spill the beans. We will be heads down, working on a special piece written with our choir in mind, in a world exclusive and we can't wait to sing for you all again - it's been too long!

Couldnt resist ending with a delightful photo of our youngest choir cub (both parents are in the choir) and our choir mascot, Tia, (the dog,) who comes to all rehearsals. 'E' is now 1 yr old and Tia is trying to teach her to throw sticks - we'll let you know how that goes! 'E' is taking all the singing and training in and is starting to match pitch and dance to our songs - she was even clapping in time! She is a wonderful distraction through rehearsal, as cute as can be and hopefully going to be a singer!

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