More Men wanted!
More Men wanted!

Homegrown Harmony project
Homegrown Harmony project

Full choir - full house
Full choir - full house

More Men wanted!
More Men wanted!


It's good to be back!

Outdoor rehearsals are the new normal!

We've survived the pandemic and singing on Zoom. We've done a huge ensemble project called Homegrown Harmony, we've even dabbled in animation! On top of all that - we've even recruited 3 new singers, too. We're delighted to have two new sopranos Lucy and Julia and a new baritone/bass, Mark, joining our ranks. After all those Zoom sessions it's great to get to meet them in person!




With two of our basses off on sabbatical leave, this is a good time to join us. We're learning new songs and revising old ones, with a view to street performances later in the summer. It is an unusually relaxed summer season for us and having a larger bass section would be a fabulous addition to our sound!

With the wonderful support of our sponsors, Simon and Jane from Heart and Soul funerals and access to both car parking and toilets (!) we have continued in small groups on their forecourt and from MAY 18th we can meet as a whole choir - the first time since March 2020!

That day will be the best day!


The enormously wonderful Simon and Jane from Heart and Soul Funerals

have generously continued their sponsorship of the choir, through this difficult time of no concerts. 
Our 'Homegrown Harmony,' project was able to go ahead because of their funding. Their offer of outside rehearsal space saved our Xmas videos and have meant we can sing again in small groups. We are enormously grateful and lucky to have their support

They have supported us for 3 years now and their generosity and kindness 
have enabled us to buy our own lighting rig, develop our new logo
and record our EP. They have enabled us to be better!

They have an excellent Blog on their website about all things associated

with Funeral care and it is really worth a read!
They are industry award winners and continue to lead by example,
bringing funeral care into the modern age and offer the very best of celebrant training. 


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