At heart, we are a choir that wants to be the best we can be and we are committed to every singer's development. 
We look for singers who show the promise and potential that we can train, who sing in tune, already have choir experience and who are open and willing to be directed.
All singers are actively committed to improving their own singing and vocal ability as well as the sound of the choir.

We will give you lots of fantastic training in vocal, breathing and performance techniques and in return, we expect you to work on your singing between our rehearsals.

We learn by ear and music and we have practice tracks to help you. You don't need to read music, but a good ear is required! If we see your potential, then we can train you! So we are investing in you, as well as you investing in us.

Please make sure before applying that you are willing to be available for all gigs.

Warming up at St Georges, Bristol
Photo Pete Andrew
CAUTION.......Singers at work!

We do work hard and we learn fast! We believe the hard work is worth it, simply because of the reponsce we get at concerts. It is very rewarding and we do have fun in rehearsals - it's not all hard slog! We are a friendly choir and we enjoy and support eachothers progress. We love hearing the improvement in our fellow singers and we often get singers arriving early, just to listen in to the ensemble practice.
It's important that you are aware of how much a choir demands of you, before joining, so we aim to make that very clear. Singing with us takes a lot of your free time!!
Please make sure you are ready to learn, practice at home and be available for rehearsals and performances before auditioning. 


If you are interested do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you! We recommend coming along to one of our concerts to see and hear what it's all about.





We are looking for

Please see us in performance before applying

Email Sandra








“I think that the relationship and atmosphere that Sandra creates in ‘Lost Sound’ is excellent and that the quality you have achieved is amazing. These sessions are the highlight of my week”

- choir member

"Personally, I get voice training, an opportunity to sing regularly and what often feels like a body workout….as well as a real sense of achievement"

- choir member

Our lovely ladies in the dressing at The Royal Albert Hall, supporting Show of Hands 25th Anniversary concert April 2016

Photo by Pete Andrew

All singers work within these guidelines:


  • We rehearse every Tuesday evening, in Buckfastleigh, Devon (7.30-9.45pm), and extra rehearsals will be commonplace leading up to performances.

  • We require excellent attendance for rehearsals (a maximum of 3 absences per term) and that you will continue to learn and practice the pieces at home.

  • All singers pay subscriptions to take part in rehearsal sessions and to be part of the chorus. The ‘subs’ are payable in half-term instalments, which will work out at £8 per session.

  • We are interested in singers who work easily as part of a team and who are happy to fit the vision we have for the chorus and its sound.

  • The ability to easily sing in tune is essential.

  • The choir is for adult members only, i.e. over 18 years-old.


We highly recommend that you see us perform
before auditioning
. See concerts page for details. 


We are looking for 2 Sopranos and 1 Bass

You must have some choir/harmony singing experience and have a good ear. You also need to be available to perform and attend regular rehearsals. 

Please tell us your experience on registering your interest in auditioning.
The ability to learn quickly and accurately and to be able to take direction, is really important. We work hard and aim to have a very high standard of singing. We will help you develop your voice, small group work and performance skills in return!


Please email Sandra:




Rehearsing in Buckfastleigh

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