We started in 2008 with an eclectic mix of untrained singers who had a passion for learning about themselves and their singing and who were keen to experiment. We didn’t start performing until 2010, after spending 18 months training, exploring sound together and learning how to be a choir. We continue to work hard with our singing techniques and choir skills, in order to achieve excellent music making. We have a strong ethos of vocal and choral education and maintain an ethic of good choral practice. We want to maintain our 'simple & clear' sound - so we are not trying to create a classical choir sound - but rather bring the qualities and power of of great choral singing into a folk setting. 

The name ‘The Lost Sound’ relates to the quality of singing that is archaic and deep in our ancestry – the one that rings out and touches the listener, regardless of the style of the music. It’s the sound that sings the singer! It is a quality of pure, full-bodied, committed singing, that used to be a part of every one and in every community. Our name also clearly relates to each individual choir member’s commitment to finding their own ‘lost sound’, their own true voice, on a personal, as well as choral level. Each singer has experienced the development of many different aspects of their sound-making, through The Lost Sound’s training.

We sing with a strong folk element under-pinning our set, always searching for imaginative, contemporary arrangements that give new slants to these wonderful old melodies and acappella traditions. We are known for our multi-layered textures and harmony - often having 5-8 parts running at once! 
We actively support living composers by singing new songs and arrangements. We run mixed quartets and all male and all female ensembles too, which encourages us to improve our choir and harmony skills as well as our singing.


'Thank you for taking me on in The Lost Sound.  It is, by far, the best chorus I have sung with, for range of material, professionalism and sheer fun - what a lovely bunch of people! ' Lost Sound singer


'Thanks so much for this year! I have had some hard times in all areas and the choir has been a lovely, steady, regular place to recharge my batteries and re inspire me.' Lost Sound singer

Rehearsing in Buckfastleigh

"What a fantastic night!! You and the choir put on a wonderful, varied, powerful and inspiring evening. The way that you crafted the performance to give the audience a mixture of experiences, worked really well, I think. Cant wait until the next time you come to Kingskerswell!!" Kate Green: World unlimited Spring 2019

Lovely arrangement and wonderful singing at Kingskerswell last night. Best wishes for your future events.  Jean  Spring 2019

"Wonderful concert last night by @_TheLostSound at Kingskerswell - fabulous sound, interesting and varied repertoire, excellent arrangements (all sung from memory) - brilliant to see a choir really happy, engaging the audience and singing with so much *joy*  From our Twitter feed! Spring 2019

It was an absolute joy to listen last night, and join in with the choir. Gorgeous harmonies and lovely blended voices. The evening truly lifted the soul! Audience July 2018


'That was one heck of a beautiful concert the other night. Fantastic choir, amazingly impressed that everything was from memory (crickey, you really whip them into shape!), wonderful variety of songs, groupings and the conductor was fab - u - lous! What a joyful evening you created for everyone who had the good fortune of getting a ticket! Can't wait to hear for the winter songs you've picked out'.  Audience July 2018


Our director, Sandra Smith, has taught singing, breathing and performing techniques to professional and beginner singers for over 30 years. She has taught at Mountview Theatre School in London and then, on moving to Devon, at Dartington College of Arts (See her website www.singingandbreathing.co.uk).
She is a well- known and respected choir coach, sharing her choral knowledge with many different styles of choirs around the South West region. From Classical to Gospel and whether auditioned                  or community choirs, she helps choirs make the best of their singing and unique sounds.
She also runs public singing technique workshops so that all choir members and singer/songwriters have a chance to learn the true power of their voices. She also contributes to Public Speaking courses
Sandra set up The Lost Sound as she wanted to work with a choir of her own to find the essential ‘group’ voice - to find the balance of male and female voices whilst highlighting the colours and strengths of each. Men and women bring different qualities to their singing and bringing them together, blending the beauty of their sounds is a fine balance. She wanted to work with singers who are ready and willing to learn new skills and to be directed. She is immensely proud of what The Lost Sound has achieved.




"Just a line to say that we thoroughly enjoyed your concert last evening - it was great. No sheet music, lots of smiling and such a lovely balance and blend, we were truly impressed!"

Cantilena choir member

“ I was sitting quite far back and I was surprised
(perhaps shouldn’t have been) at the power and projection.
But for me the thing that really stood out  was the balance.
From where I was sitting, the balance of the parts was perfect – and the people around me noticed too. "

- Audience member

‘The training is a key part of the choir experience, it is why we continue to improve as a group, it gives the rehearsals a focus and it gives me self-confidence as a singer.’

 - Choir member

     Photo of our Tenors by Ben Hooker

The 'look' of the choir
We had a lovely day at a farm on the edge of Dartmoor with photographer, Kate Isherwood. Our 'look' has been especially and sensitively designed for us, by Frankie Pollak (in the floaty pink!). She is creating a comprehensive style and colour palette for the choir, including commissioning a new logo from Helen Duvall from Screaming Abdabs gallery.
She has chosen the natural hues from the colours of Dartmoor. We love it - hope you do too!
The women's clothing came from Kit and Kaboodle an online store. We are enormously grateful for the excellent service, advice and help they gave us in dealing with our order - they've even given us a choir discount! Do check them out!

Our Team

Our huge thanks to these singers who share their valuable skills to ensure the choir runs relatively smoothly!

Ros Johnson - 'The Admin Guru' Ros is our choir Manager and she makes things simple for us. She has immeasurable skill in making sure everyone turns up at the right time, in the right place and wearing the right clothes! This can be close to a miracle! She also creates our beautiful videos.

Frankie Pollak: Design of new costumes and concept. Giving us a new look and a true identity 

Annabelle Knowles:  Is our Assistant Director. Annabelle is invaluable with rehearsal help and tutoring sectionals plus musical back up, which speeds up our learning no end and saving masses of valuable time!

Anne Pengelly: Anne designed our lighting rig and, with Annabelle, rigs it every single gig! They arrive early and leave late, and it is such an important and time consuming job - Huge thanks to both of them!

Our wonderful singers


Helen Furner
Anne Pengelly

Maralin Fraser

Frankie Pollak

Corinna Phillips

Charlotte Allison

Lotti Jullien

Colette Cuthill

Kim Landberger

Lucy Gillett

Emma Birch

Amanda Stallard

Annabelle Knowles

Penny Grove

Katherine Blaker

Rosalind Johnson

Leah Stonex

Adele Atkinson

Caz Hoar
Emma Court

Rosi Targett




Robin Clutterbuck

David Glenny
Mike Atkinson

David Stewart

Tom Sokolowski

Davy Hill

Alistair Scott

Jonathan Lewis


Tom Towey

Richard Ford

Simon Smith

Ben Hooker

Mick Richards

Mark Harrod

Phil Carrington

Mark Hassall